Step 3 – Initiation

If elected to join Tejon Lodge, a candidate will be unofficially notified by the brother who was the first line signer of his petition and informed in writing from the lodge secretary.

Once elected to the lodge the Worshipful Master will schedule the date and time of the initiation ceremony in collaboration with the petitioner.

Tejon Lodge only initiates one candidate per meeting, one man – one night. This allows the lodge to focus all of our attention and energies into making the initiation the life changing event that it is intended to be.

On the day of each mans initiation, you are to arrive at the lodge alone, dressed appropriately with a suit and tie and on at the appointed time. You will not need to prepare for this ceremony or bring anything with you. You will be met by a brother assigned by the Worshipful Brother as your conductor for the degree.

At the conclusion of your initiation, you will be assigned a mentor and a coach who will assist you throughout the rest of your journey from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason.

After a brother has attained the degree of Master Mason, he is expected to be an active member of the lodge, attending meetings and education, mentoring new candidates and fellowship.

If you would like to know more about the importance of the Masonic initiation, read this excellent article The Inititatic Experience written by our Past Master Robert Herd.