Step 2 – Investigation

How we investigate a petition for the degrees of Freemasonry is dependent on the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Colorado, we call these rules Masonic Law.
Before we may vote on your membership in the Lodge, we must first conduct a Masonic investigation. After submission of your Petition, if the petition is accepted, the Lodge will assign a Committee of Investigation, consisting of three brothers from the lodge who did not sign your petition. The committee will contact you and setup a time to meet in order to further discuss your interest in Freemasonry and what Tejon Lodge can bring to you and what you can bring to Tejon Lodge.

 The meeting is preferred to be at your home. Your wife, girlfriend, parents or children are welcome to be present to ask questions or voice any concerns about your becoming a Freemason. This is also an opportunity for you to ask further questions you may have regarding Freemasonry, Tejon Lodge, and the process of initiation.

The Ballot

After the investigation is complete, the Investigation Committee will report their findings to the lodge at their next stated meeting. Tejon Lodge has one stated meeting per month, so it will take a minimum of one month to complete the investigation process. Once the report is presented to the lodge, the Master Masons present will vote by secret ballot on your Petition to receive the degrees of freemasonry. The secret ballot is Masonic custom and it must be unanimous.

Investigating our candidates is of paramount importance, if you want to know exactly why, please read this article Guarding the West Gate.